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Welcome to the MSU Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Alumni web site! 



For those interested in some statistics - current website totals as of April 26, 2018:

        170 Brothers (30.5%) are active on the website

        388 Brothers (69.5%) have not yet been heard from

        There have been 66,245 visits to the website since 2/25/2011

Know someone who hasn't yet activated his name?  Click on "Brother Profiles", select their name, and send them an email reminder!



Is your name activated?

If you have not yet activated your name you can only see a few pages here on the website.  To activate your name (every Brother's name is already in the database) click on "Brother Profiles", find your name, click on it, and follow the instructions to update/activate your name.  It only takes a minute or two.



A Great 75th Anniversary Weekend!!

It's now unanimous - everyone had a great time at the very special 75th Anniversary weekend celebration of Gamma Epsilon chapter.  Lots of photos are available here on the website.  Click on "75th Anniversary Celebration" on the left sidebar to see them.  If you took some pictures during the weekend, please email them to Joe Levine (levine@msu.edu) for posting here.

The Sunday concert (which included the premiere of When Day Is Done) was recorded - both audio and video.  Once the final editing and titling is completed we will announce their availability here on the website and via our listserv.  It was a fantastic concert and you will definitely want to get a copy for your personal collection.  CDs and DVDs will be sent at no charge to all who request them (of course, a voluntary donation to Gamma Epsilon chapter wouldn't be out of the question!).











It was clear as the weekend drew to a close and alumni started their journeys home that Gamma Epsilon chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is definitely alive and well!



CD and DVD from 75th Anniversary Available

Click on "75th Anniversary Celebration" (on the left) for information about the CD and DVD from  the concert that concluded the 75th Anniversary celebration.



Many Donations Received!!

A big Thank You to the following Brothers who made a donation to assist with the 75th Anniversary Celebration and the Grof Commission Fund.  Thank You, Thank You!

(NOTE  GF = Grof Commission Fund,  75 = 75th Anniversary Expenses)


2014 Donors:

Henry Nelson (1941)GF 75

Fred Gingrich (1943)GF 75

Fritz Stansell (1952) 75

Dale Bartlett (1953)GF 75

Bob Fink (1953)75

Don Gillette (1953)GF

Don Roelofs (1953)GF

Ed Spink (1953) GR 75

Kent Krive (1954)GF

Gerald Christopherson (1955)GF

John Eidson (1955)GF 75

Bob McGee (1955)GF

Bill Seeback (1955)75

Larry Maxey (1956)GF

Chuck Vreeland (1956)GF 75

Leon Bradley (1957)GF

John Kostoff (1957)GF 75

Don Mohr (1957)GF 75 

Carl Simon (1957)GF

Bob Turmell (1957)GF 75

Burt Apple (1958)GF

Chuck Coltrane (1958)GF 75

Ron Facktor (1959)GF 75

Gerry/Liz Spry (1959) GF 75

Gene Gillette (1960)GF

Phil Hillstorm (1960)GF

Joel Leach (1960)GF

Joe Levine (1960) GF 75 

Gary Schmeltekopf (1960) GF 75 

Ron Gibbs (1961)GF

Terry Odelli (1961)GF 75

Monte Sheedlo (1961) GF 75

Denny Emmons (1962)GF

Thad Hegerberg (1962)GF 75

Ed Weiss (1963)GF 75

Bob Petrella (1964)GF

Bill Sachs (1964)GF

Tom Tunks (1964)75

Roger Smeltekop (1965)GF

Dave Wernette (1965)75

Tom Elliott (1968)GF

Michael Griffith (1968)GF

Leonard Schemm (1969)GF

Charles Fickeau (1970)GF

Tom Amsterburg (1973)GF 75

Joseph Turckes (1975)GF

Christopher Shultis (1976) 75

John McDaniel (1977) GF 75 

Andrew Bobrow (1983) 75

Joe Spaniola (1984) 75

James Schuster (1992) GF

Nathan Tykocki (2000)GF

Dave Friday (2005) GF 75

Josh Sholler (2008)75

Michael Wright (2008)GF 75

Justin Cechowski (2012)GF 75

Cody Harrell (2012) 75

Mitch Raeck (2012) GF

Brian Whalley (2013)75

Phil SinderGF


2013 Donors:

Donnell Mohr (1957)

Dennis Emmons (1962)

Henry Nelson (1941)

Ed Weiss (1963)

Charles Coltrane (1958)



2012 Donors:

        Ron Facktor (1959)

        Peter Demos (1960)

        Terry Odelli (1961)

        Thomas Elliott (1968)

        Robert McGee (1955)

        Dennis Urick (1965)

        Robert Petrella (1964)

        Charles Vreeland (1956)

        Carl Simon (1957)

        Gerry Spry (1959)


2011 Donors:

        Bob Petrella (1964)

        Joe Levine (1960)

        Donald Gillette (1953)

        David Wisner (1956)

        Donnell Mohr (1957)

        Leon Bradley (1957)

        Dennis Urick (1965)

        Phil Hillstrom (1960)

        John Lower (1965)

        Gerry Spry (1959)

        Dennis Emmons (1962)

        Ron Facktor (1959)

        Charles Coltrane (1958)

        Bill Sachs (1964)

        Robert McGee (1955)

        Tex Arnold (1964)

        William McFarlin (1977)

        Bob Turmell (1957)

        Guy Smith (1951)

        Tom Tunks (1964)

        Ed Spink (1953)

        Terry Odelli (1961)

        Ed Weiss (1963)  


•   Gregory Riley (1987)  8/5
•   Joe Garascia (2017)  4/25
•   David Searfoss (1966)  2/8
•   David Buhlman (2002)  9/26
•   David Wisner (1956)  9/19
•   Phillip Schrauben (1992)  8/14
•   Kelvin Chen (1973)  6/6
•   Arthur Riedel (1958)  5/2
•   Joey Lawnicki (2017)  5/1
•   Ryan Jones (2016)  4/5
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