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75th Anniversary Celebration


CD & DVD Available

A CD and a DVD of the American Musicale concert that concluded the 75th Anniversary weekend is available.  An email to Joe Levine (levine@msu.edu) will get you copies.

You'll also want to check out the YouTube video of the premiere of "When Day Is Done" - honoring the memory of Brother Bob Grof. 


A DVD of the premiere of "When Day Is Done" is also available from Joe.


Lots of Photos!

Check out the many photos from the 75th Anniversary weekend.  Many thanks to Ron Gibbs and Chuck Coltrane for forwarding these photos.  Do you have some photos?  Please send them via email to Joe Levine (levine@msu.edu).





CLICK HERE for detailed information on all events planned for the 75th Anniversary weekend (locations, times, etc.)





Bob Petrella

Gary Baron

Joe Levine

John McDaniel

Tom Elliott

Ron Gibbs

Aaron Wright

Phil Hillstrom

Don Mohr

Joe Spaniola

John Madden

Henry Nelson

Liz Spry

Burt Apple

Tom Tunks

Chuck Coltrane

Dennis Urick

John Kostoff

Keith Hudson

Roger Smeltekop

Gary Schmeltekopf

Bill Seeback

Fritz Gingrich

Leon Bradley

Ed Weiss

Dustin Keith

Chuck Vreeland

Brian Whaley

Tom Amsterburg

Byron Valentine

Stephen Johnkoski

Andy Scheurer

Bill Sachs

Charles Fickeau

Dave Friday

Ryan Wamhoff

Mitch Raeck

Cody Harrell

Jon Carrothers

Andrew Stables

Anthony Machniak

Madison Chapman

Josh Sawyer

Evan Wegener

Jacob Bender

James Miller

Brad Schmaltz

Monte Sheedlo

Ben Woodcock

Mike Lopreto

Justin Ceckowski

Larry Alpert